How to Open an Investment With Exness Social Trading Kenya

Exness has recently acquired a Kenyan license as part of their expansion plans in sub-Saharan Africa. According to Paul Margarites, Regional Commercial Director for Sub-Saharan Africa at Exness, "this license is an important milestone on our path towards building even stronger presence in Africa."

Online CFD trading

Exness' online trading platform gives investors access to the world's financial markets, including Forex, indices, commodities, metals and cryptos. Furthermore, clients have a choice of account types which enable them to tailor their financial services and investments according to individual requirements.

The broker also provides a variety of features to help traders become more effective, such as free demo accounts and an extensive selection of educational tools. These include YouTube videos, profit/margin calculators, economic calendars, live streaming news and market history, plus technical analysis tools.

One of the major advantages of CFDs is their flexibility; you can alter your position as prices move. This makes them ideal for both experienced and novice traders alike, since it allows you to profit from price changes without being tied into long positions.

Trading CFDs requires you to decide whether you want to go long or short. Going long means earning a profit when prices rise, while shorting a market means losing money if it drops.

Leverage can be a great tool to expand your portfolio and magnify profits or losses. But remember: leverage comes with great risks!

When selecting a broker, it is essential to research the minimum deposit requirements and withdrawal limits. Some brokers provide lower minimums than others, so it pays off to do some research beforehand.

Many brokers provide a selection of account types and trading options, enabling you to pick one that meets your individual requirements. This will guarantee the right investment for you, plus full support from your broker in every step along the way.

Additionally, you should assess the broker's security measures and how easy it is to open an investment with them. Some require you to verify your identity prior to opening an account, while others offer secure login options.

Exness is an FSCA-regulated broker popular among traders seeking a wide range of options. It boasts low spreads and trading costs below industry average. Furthermore, Exness offers various tools for traders such as virtual trading environment and social trading; however, the selection of financial instruments may be somewhat limited compared to other top tier brokers.

Easy to use

Exness Group is a premier forex and CFD broker that offers an expansive selection of trading instruments and account types. Additionally, they provide numerous educational resources like an online trading academy and webinars.

It is also renowned for its social trading approach, which offers an innovative way to trade on the forex market by copying other traders' strategies. This method enables you to trade like a pro without needing extensive technical know-how.

Utilizing the Exness social trading platform is as easy as logging in and selecting a strategy. From there, you can monitor its performance and refine it for higher rankings within our rating system.

There are also features that make your investment experience more pleasant. These include an extensive library of research materials, economic calendars and alerts.

Exness offers an Economic Calendar on its website with comprehensive data and analysis on major economic releases. Plus, you can subscribe to a daily newsletter for timely news and trading ideas delivered directly to your inbox.

Exness is a highly-rated broker in the global CFD and Forex industry with over 40,000 active clients, making it an ideal choice for those seeking superior trading conditions.

To open an investment with exness, you need to first register for an account and authenticate your identity through various methods. While this may take a few days, the wait will be well worth it in the end.

Your personal information is safe on this website, which is secured and password-protected for added protection. Plus, you can even log on to your account from a mobile phone!

You can access your account using the Exness MT4 app, available on both Android and iOS devices. This app has several useful features like alerts, 1-click trading, and charting.

Leverage is a popular feature among traders, and Exness provides it up to 1:2000. However, it's essential to remember that leverage only applies if you have enough margin to back your positions.

Betterthanmarket conditions

Financial markets can be volatile places, but Exness social trading stands out among other providers of online trading services with superior customer service and product offerings. They are the only regulated Forex broker in the UK and offer some of the most enticing welcome bonuses and promotions in the industry - not to mention their free Demo account which many traders take advantage of for free trading practice. Exness provides some excellent value with their free Demo account too!

Always trade responsib

Exness social trading Kenya is a forex broker regulated by the Capital Markets Authority of Kenya and offers accounts suitable for both beginner and experienced investors alike.

The company offers three Standard Accounts and five Professional Accounts with various features and trading conditions to suit different needs. Furthermore, it provides swap-free Islamic accounts for Muslim traders.

Customer support is available 24 hours a day and over the weekend in 15 languages via client phone support, live chat, email and phone. Furthermore, the help centre provides useful articles covering a wide range of topics from funding FAQs to trading guides.

Investors in Kenya can open an investment with Exness Social Trading by creating a free account on their website or downloading the mobile app. To complete this process, traders need to fill out a brief questionnaire and supply documents such as proof of identity and address which will be verified within 30 days.

Once the verification process is complete, clients can deposit funds and begin trading immediately. However, the maximum amount that can be deposited into an account is 50,000 USD.

To prevent losing money, it's essential to trade responsibly with Exness. This includes abstaining from leverage and keeping your account balance small. Leverage can magnify losses and raise the possibility of total investment loss; so use it sparingly and with caution.

Another way to trade responsibly is by making sure your account stays active. Most brokers will charge an inactivity fee if your account hasn't been active for some time, which can amount to a substantial sum of money and cause considerable frustration for those who have invested their hard-earned funds.

Good news: Exness does not charge a fee for inactive accounts and will archive them after 90 days. This means traders can revive their account and continue trading if desired, though it's recommended to keep your account active.