How to Change Leverage in Exness Kenya

Exness Kenya provides a wide selection of trading accounts that cater to both novice and expert investors alike. All account types come equipped with MetaTrader software and high leverage.

Standard Accounts are ideal for beginners, as they require a lower minimum deposit than Pro Accounts. However, these accounts offer extreme leverage of up to 1:2000 on some Forex pairs - potentially leading to account wipeout for inexperienced traders.


Exness Kenya provides traders with a selection of trading options, such as currency pairs, cryptocurrencies, metals and indices. These include cryptocurrency crosses like BTC/ZAR or BTC/XAU, as well as shares CFDs on stocks such as the FTSE100.

The broker provides a selection of energy and index CFDs, such as spot contracts on Brent and WTI oil. Furthermore, it supports various currencies including ZAR and USD.

Leverage is an integral element of forex trading, enabling investors to invest with a small amount and still make a profit. Unfortunately, it also increases the potential risk of losing large sums of money quickly; so it's crucial that leverage is used responsibly.

You can adjust your leverage by logging in to Exness Personal Area and clicking the gear icon on any trading account. From there, you can adjust it in increments of one and a half times the original value.

Leverage can have a major impact on the size of your trades. Reducing leverage means smaller transactions, while increasing it makes them larger. It is wise to practice with small amounts before using leverage with actual funds.

Once you make a change to your leverage, you must log in to Exness Personal Area and verify the changes by providing a verification code. After verifying your account, you can trade using the new amount of leverage.

Before making any changes to your account, it's essential that you read through the terms and conditions. Doing this will enable you to comprehend how these modifications could potentially impact your profits or losses.

At Exness, you have several different levels of leverage available to choose from depending on your risk appetite and investment objectives. You also have the option to trade with unlimited leverage - this allows you to open trade positions worth 1,000 times or more of your initial deposit.

The company offers high-quality educational content, such as courses and articles, to assist new traders in forex trading. Newbies should take advantage of the How Trading Works course (11 short video lessons and 11 articles), while more experienced traders can draw upon a wider range of materials including Margin and Leverage.

Minimum deposit

Exness is a widely-recognized forex broker with an expansive trading platform and high leverage. Regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), it offers one of the most accommodating account types in the industry. Plus, with their low minimum deposit requirement and reasonable spreads, Exness supports 107 currency pairs while offering negative balance protection along with competitive cost structures.

Exness offers demo accounts to traders so they can practice their strategy and risk management skills before making real-money deposits. This is a great option for those who want to assess how the broker's fees and leverage affect their results before committing to a live account.

For live accounts, the minimum deposit is $10 - equivalent to 1,100 Kenyan Shillings. Traders can make deposits using online bank transfers, e-wallets, crypto, and bank cards as payment methods.

At Exness, a variety of currencies can be deposited and withdrawn, such as NGN, USD, CAD and EUR. Withdrawals can be processed using bank wire transfers or other methods within 48 hours and require minimal paperwork.

Withdrawal fees vary depending on the method used and are usually no more than $6. To reduce these costs, many countries support local payment methods like internet transfers or mobile payments as well as supporting local bank transfers and e-wallets which further reduce withdrawal expenses.

Alternatively, traders can utilize online money transfer services like Western Union or Moneygram. These are free, and processing times are usually instantaneous.

Therefore, this is an ideal option for traders looking to save money on forex transactions and maximize their funds. Additionally, it's perfect for those who travel frequently and require to manage their cash flow while on-the-go.

If you're new to the forex market, an Exness demo account can give you valuable information about trading on that platform. With this knowledge, you can decide if the broker is suitable for your trading goals and needs.

Exness is a global forex broker that provides accounts for traders of all experience levels and strategies. Their Cent Account, the lowest cost option for new traders, as well as the Pro Account with spreads starting from 0.1 pips on majors, a maximum lot size of 200, and unlimited leverage.

Minimum trade

Exness Kenya provides traders with a broad selection of markets to trade, such as forex pairs, crypto crosses, gold and silver futures, energies, stocks and indices. Clients can access leverage on these markets through Exness' suite of CFDs.

The broker's standard account is suitable for most traders, offering a maximum leverage of 1:2000 and minimum commission-free spreads of 0.6 pips. However, experienced investors should opt for the Pro account which requires a $200 minimum deposit and provides 1:5 leverage on share CFDs when company reports are released.

Furthermore, this broker's Islamic account is ideal for Muslim traders as it allows them to trade on various markets without incurring interest charges. As part of the account registration process, all traders must provide evidence of their identity and place of residence.

Exness is a relatively young broker, but it has already attracted an extensive client base and been approved by seven national authorities. It offers competitive trading costs with lower swaps than most, making it attractive to new investors.

The broker offers an impressive selection of currencies, offering 107 pairs to choose from. These include popular international and African pairs as well as popular US and Asian currencies that are widely traded.

Cryptocurrencies and twelve commodities can be traded, giving traders the flexibility to combine these markets according to their trading objectives and risk tolerance.

Exness' selection of metals is particularly impressive, offering gold and silver crosses in the AUD, EUR, GBP and USD as well as platinum and palladium futures with leverages up to 1:200 - much higher than most South African brokers' maximum leverage limit of 1:50.

Exness provides a diverse selection of energies, such as spot contracts on Brent and WTI oil. While its stock market coverage is limited, it provides CFDs on major international indices.

Exness' customer service is excellent, boasting an impressive network of language support. Traders can contact the company by email or phone; alternatively, they may chat online as well. Exness' help center strives to answer common queries and provide solutions; additionally, it offers multilingual assistance through live chat, WhatsApp and Viber.

Trading platform

Exness Kenya is a comprehensive online forex broker offering both Metatrader 4 (MT4) and 5 trading platforms, as well as mobile applications for iOS and Android users. The platform boasts an impressive selection of technical and fundamental analysis tools, along with access to valuable financial news and charts.

The trading platform is user-friendly and provides a range of features, such as the capacity to trade from multiple accounts on one terminal. This provides fast access to different assets. Furthermore, traders can utilize various shortcuts and functions for enhanced efficiency throughout their trades.

Investors can select from nine live trading accounts (as opposed to the typical three offered by most brokers), each with its own set of costs and conditions. Standard Accounts are ideal for new traders while Professional Accounts cater to more experienced investors.

These accounts all offer free VPS service, a remote terminal solution that helps reduce latency and downtime. Furthermore, all accounts provide swap-free Islamic trading.

As with any trading account, there are various leverage limits and time adjustments that can be applied to a trader's portfolio. These restrictions depend on the instruments being traded and may change according to an individual trader's style of trading.

Leverage is a crucial factor in how much a trader can profit from one transaction and should be taken into account when selecting a trading platform. It's especially essential for speculative traders seeking to exploit extreme price changes.

It is essential to be aware that leverage can cause substantial financial loss in a short amount of time, so traders must make sure they have adequate margin to cover losses. Furthermore, the minimum margin requirements for each instrument may differ, so check the specific rules of each platform before making any trading decisions.

If you are new to the financial markets, opening a demo account with an established forex broker may be beneficial. These accounts allow traders to test out various strategies without risking their real money. Many brokers provide demo accounts as part of their service package or even for free. Utilizing a demo account will give you insight into trading on live markets and refine your trading approach before placing actual trades.